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I now serve as the Chief Investment Officer of Al Frank Asset Management (AFAM) where I lead a team that scrutinizes hundreds of stocks for money management clients, shareholders of our proprietary mutual funds and subscribers to The Prudent Speculator investment newsletter of which I am editor. I have appeared on numerous television and radio programs, and I am frequently interviewed by print and online publications while I also conduct workshops at various investment seminars. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California in 1987 with a B.S. degree in computer science and a minor in business administration.

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Are Institutions Quietly Liquidating Their Stock Positions? - Forbes

stocks experienced choppy and volatile trading in the past two weeks as a series of conflicting factors created cross-currents throughout international financial markets. In my last stock market update , I discussed the potential for a stock market correction or selloff as we head into the fall season, which has historically been a weak season for stocks. In that piece, I showed that the main U.S. stock indices, including the SP500 and the Dow, had experienced technical breakdowns that increased the likelihood of a selloff. Since then, U.S. stocks attempted to break back above their key technical levels, but failed once again another confirmation of the technical weakness seen earlier this month. The SP500 tried to break above its 1,990 resistance level twice, but peaked on September 19th on extremely high trading volume and proceeded to fall back below this level.

Global Markets Mostly Lower

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