Source Launches Four Fresh Etfs On Xetra - Global Markets

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The assessments of around 65 brokers form the foundation of the rule-based strategy. The objective is to develop a liquid and widely diversified long-only equity portfolio with the potential for generating higher returns. Investors can choose between stock corporations from Asia, Australia and New Zealand, or the continental Europe region. Stock corporations from Japan are not included. The two Source Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MPL UCITS ETFs enable investors to participate in the performance of US energy companies. Both ETFs are based on companies with the legal form of master limited partnerships (MLP), although their distribution policies differ.

NorthCoast ETF Retirement Portfolios Ride August Rebound IVV -

"In such a scenario, we tend to increase our allocation to cash. It handed investors a gain of 2% in August. "HYG has some market sensitivity," Jamin conceded. "It has an equity flavor to it. "We're not so bullish on IJH looking forward," Jamin said. "We are actually slightly underweight IJH as we are for most U.S. equities ." The NorthCoast ETF retirement portfolios continued to be heavily weighted in foreign stocks. "This positioning is resulting from the awareness that U.S. valuations are a bit stretched," Jamin said. "We are looking for opportunities in other market segments." Rich valuations have led NorthCoast to look across the Atlantic and to the Far East.

Passive funds, ETFs an active threat for Europe's fund managers -

The move puts it in direct competition with Fidelity, which earlier this year launched a range of tracker funds including a UK fund with charges of 0.07 per cent, if purchased through Fidelity. The ongoing charges for Vanguards sterling share class index mutual funds will be between 0.08 per cent and 0.38 per cent, while the charges for its exchange traded funds are set to range from 0.07 per cent to 0.29 per cent. Vanguard said its S&P 500 UCITS ETF would have the 0.07 per cent charge down from 0.09 per cent whle the FTSE 100 UCITS ETF had fallen from 0.10 per cent to 0.09 per cent. It has revealed that the entire LifeStrategy fund range, which comprises five target-weighted portfolios with different levels of risk and return, will have ongoing charges reduced to 0.24 per cent. Tom Rampulla, managing director for Vanguard in Europe, called the fee reductions business as usual for Vanguard. He added: As we broaden our presence in Europe, we will leverage operating efficiencies and use our increasing global scale to keep costs to a minimum for investors. Importantly, existing investors will automatically benefit from the new charges, as they always do when we lower the cost of our funds.

Vanguard hits back in passive price war -

The switch is accelerating, with index funds attracting inflows of $3 billion in the first half of this year, while active UK-focused funds saw $4 billion leave, a Reuters analysis of data from fund tracker Lipper showed. The passive wind blows even stronger in theUnited Statesdue to years of underperformance by active funds, which has led to institutions parking half of their equity allocations in index trackers, according to data from State Street. And the shift is spreading to other parts of the world, putting at risk revenues earned by money managers, banks and brokerages that service funds and more than half a million jobs related to fund management inEuropealone. Industry experts expectEurope, where active mutual funds are still the dominant force, making up 80 percent of allocations, to move more in sync with theUnited States, following the lead of Britain, the regions top capital market. Its only a surprise that investors have taken this long to realise that the puffery around long-term outperformance, star managers, etc., is just that puffery, saidPeter Douglas, founder of investment consultancy GFIA.

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