Gift Ideas For Your Traveling Health Fanatic

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:: Chopra's musings on meditation and risk Here are some thoughts from Deepak Chopra: "If you can't find time to meditate even once a day, then you probably should do it twice a day." "Your body does what [it] needs when you meditate. If you fall asleep, that's definitely a sign of sleep deprivation … that you need more sleep." "People who are in the present moment will slow down the aging process." "We eat too much in our society.

Deepak Chopra walks the walk of spirituality

Gift ideas for the traveling health fanatic Caption Fitness on the road AquaBells These dumbbells are almost weightless and take up virtually no space until you're ready to work out.

Earth-to-face beauty products grow in popularity

M Café, a popular microbiotic dining chain, sells its own brand of hand polish made with ingredients that could show up in our food: salt and oils from safflower, sunflower, vitamin E, grapefruit and geranium.

Winter equipment to protect you from ice, snow, the dark and cold Grip, don't slip Kahtoola Nanospikes: Pull-on rubber traction device, studded with tungsten carbide spikes, worn over running shoes to prevent slipping during runs and walks on icy roads and sidewalks. Likes: It works, packs small and slips on in seconds. With 10 spikes of 1/16 inch to bite into ice and icy-slick frozen roads, you run and walk confidently in dicey conditions.

Companies make healthful food options more readily available to workers

advertising firm. Courtney Chambers scans a snack in the kitchen at Team One, an L.A. advertising firm. (Jenna Schoenefeld) Candy bars and other nutritionally challenged food are being replaced by more healthful options at work That traditional break-room vending machine gets a healthful makeover 'Companies are learning that healthier employees have less absenteeism and greater productivity,' doctor says You're trying to eat more healthfully, but like many of us, you're also working harder. So what happens when you really need a snack before that late-afternoon staff meeting? Too often, the easiest option is a candy bar from the vending machine in the break room.

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