Ftse 100 Owners' Solely Prime Feeling Uk Economic Recovery Is Shown By Pay Profligacy

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... via World News external link Headlines - Yahoo News BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syria's air force carried out strikes against rebels at more than double its usual rate on Monday, according to a monitoring group, ramping up its offensive near the capital while Washington strikes Islamic State fighters far away. The intensified air strikes by President Bashar al-Assad's government will add to the fear among Assad's opponents that he is taking advantage of the U.S. strikes to crush other foes, including the "moderate opposition" that Washington backs. ... via World News Headlines - Yahoo News (Reuters) - Tropical Storm Gonzalo gained strength as it moved through the northern Leeward Islands of the Caribbean and was forecast to become a hurricane by late Monday or early Tuesday, the U.S. http://www.newslocker.com/en-us/news/worldnews/mining-stocks-dig-ftse-out-of-a-hole/

It's galling to watch a narrow elite of bosses do so well while everyone else struggles. Do they expect us to believe that their input to a company is worth 120 times more than the average worker's? This is a theme highlighted by Thomas Piketty in his bestselling economics tome, Capital in the Twenty-First Century. It's worse in the US than the UK, but it's still a problem here: pay inequality driven by top executives effectively setting each other's pay. There's only so far this inequality can stretch. If company bosses don't want to be hobbled with pay regulation by future populist governments, and if they want a free market capitalist system to survive in the longer term, they need to take a much more holistic, and far less selfish, view of things. That means giving staff better pay packages and seriously moderating their own. Yes some people at the top of companies often have the experience, insight, ideas and responsibilities that demand substantially higher pay than employees further down the rungs. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/ftse-100-directors-pay-profligacy-shows-only-top-feeling-uk-economic-recovery-1469803

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Miners dominated the risers with Anglo American shares the head of pack at 1,386.00 pence, up 4.56 percent on the day, followed by Randgold Resources, up 4.36 percent at 4,380.00 pence. China's exports and imports both rose more than browse expected in September, customs data showed earlier, in a positive signal for the world's second-largest economy. Troubled British grocer Tesco was the day's laggard, its shares 2.51 percent down at 180.60 pence. The fall comes amid reports of the imminent departure of two more top executives, allegedly over last month's A250 million profit statement error. Tesco has not commented on the reports. TUI Travel was the next biggest faller, its shares down 2.44 percent at 335.40 pence. http://cyber-actu.com/mining-stocks-dig-ftse-hole-162718543

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The UK mining index surged 3.4 percent, the biggest one-day percentage jump in more than a year, after China said its exports rose 15 percent in September and copper imports rose nearly as much, encouraging investors that demand was holding up in the world's http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/news/gold-rises-on-lower-dollar-federal-reserve-rate-hike-uncertainty/articleshow/44803971.cms top metals consumer. Anglo American , via Business News Headlines - Yahoo News UK By Michael Roddy LONDON (Reuters) - He may be among the world's best beloved bears, but he also is one of the most endangered in the new movie "Paddington", in which Nicole Kidman co-stars as a taxidermist looking to complete her collection of rare animals. Due for release later this year, the live-action feature film based on the marmalade-loving bear from darkest Peru, has been a long time coming. Created by author Michael Bond in the 1950s, some 30 million books following the bear's various a http://www.newslocker.com/en-uk/news/business/ftse-recovers-from-lows-as-chinese-data-boosts-mining-shares/

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