Fishing Report Transferring South Looking For Significant Stripers (t/photographs)

by Kathaleen
in misc.

the past couple decades seemed to be dreadful within the scan.

The day started off with working birds insight beyond Parkers Creek about the 30 foot line. However, whichever they certainly were focusing on had no stripers causing the commotion. We tested all waters around Parkers Creek. Your next stop was CCNP. We arrived there just in time for the haze to throw in.

Good Data Change of strategies, for Saturday's charters

Cost 0.00 per angler, a discounted Specific as a result of eleventh hour change. Plus Mateis tip, (15 to 20% will be the convention) Phone Capt.

Good Data PSWSFA Seafood News-Striped Bass Restrictions

He grabbed a variety of bluefish, sea bass, triggerfish, and hake. He said the sole major fish he found were some conger eels that were spectacular. Oct 25 Southall fished his ship out-of Hatteras and so they found a wahoo. March 25, Steve Martin caught his boat and he trapped a 55.5 lb wahoo.

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