Data Of The Day : Gas Costs, Autos And Pickups

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Toyota released Thursday an international recognition of 57,000 vehicles affected by the Takata airbag disaster. Reuters reports nearly all the automobiles — forty,000 — were marketed in Japan's automaker’s home market, while 6 come in Europe dispersed around the world excluding the United States market. The models afflicted would be the RAV4 as well as the Vitz Yaris, and were assembled between March 2004 and December 2002. Additionally, Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu valued 571 Miras May 2003 for that same concern and constructed forsale in Japan between December 2002, 27, noticing the brand’s first Takata - recall that was related.

Subaru’s WRX/STi Is Outselling The BRZ and FRS Twins Mixed

Due To our own Tim Cain. The fain natural line signifies fuel prices, beginning with raw oil in 2014's peak price. Elsewhere, we see market-share figures for pickup trucks , SUVs/ CUVs and individual vehicles. We’ll be maintaining an eye on this because the months roll on. World oil areas are –ed truly a black Friday for by crude oil dropped below $70 a barrel today. Let’s observe how buyers reply when it comes to new-vehicle options.

Toyota Remembers 57K Over Takata Airbags

Sales of the outgoing Mazda MX5 Miata are down 20% to 4143 in 2014. The Volkswagen Golf GTI, nonetheless, is up 23% to 13,848 U.S.

Toyota’s LFA Works Currently House To Mirai FCV Generation

The quick 98.8-in.

Capsule Review: 2015 Toyota Yaris

It’s today the house of the Toyota Mirai. Automotive Media stories Toyota provided its FCV to the LFA Works — found behind the Motomachi place in Toyota Area, China — because the facility’s focus on detail and better tools (i.e., palms) than the more “ultra-productive,” appliance-powered factories beneath the automaker’s watch.

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