Cómo Construir Tu Elevator Pitch

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Oops! An error has occurred. Why not share! El elevator pitch es una herramienta muy util que ayuda a poder crear un discurso potente y conciso para poder http://www.dawn.com/news/1165924/banks-investing-in-pibs-amid-falling-yields impactar en un cliente o Sabrias presentarte tu proyecto o idea en menos de 1 minuto? El elevator pitch es una herramienta muy util que ayuda a poder crear un discurso potente y conciso para poder impactar en un cliente o inversor potencial. http://www.slideshare.net/IsabelIglesiasAlvare/cmo-construir-tu-elevator-pitch

BBC News - Cameron promises 200,000 starter homes if Tories win election

"Our goal is a Britain where everyone who works hard can have a home of their own." 'Not shoe boxes' He will say the scheme will ensure the new homes are not "snapped up by buy-to-let landlords" and that some of Britain's biggest builders including Barratt and Taylor Wimpey have already signed up for it. "We've shown what we expect starter homes to look like - not rabbit hutches or shoe boxes, but decent, well-built, homes with gardens - places to start and raise a family. "So we are going to take this good idea and accelerate it." Labour said the government had presided over the lowest levels of house building since the 1920s and home ownership was at its lowest level for three decades. The number of houses being built in the UK fell during the final three months of 2014 - the first such decline for almost two years. The 0.2% drop in new home construction compared with a 6.1% increase in the previous quarter. Overall, total construction output fell by 2.1% in the quarter, the Office for National Statistics said. However, the government says 137,000 homes were started in 2014 - a rise of 10% on the previous year. The government introduced a scheme called Help to Buy in England in April 2013. It was intended to help those trying to get on the housing ladder who could afford mortgage repayments but were struggling to raise a deposit. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-31683974

PKK, Silah mı Bırakıyor?

Guvenlik paketiyle sokaktaki uygulamalarla, tek kiilie doru kurduu sistemle bara yaklalmaz. Butun bunlardan deiim, donuum konusunda bir guven veren adma doru ilerleyecek mi hukumet, onu gorup ancak bara ne kadar yaknz soyleyebiliriz. *** Bu sozlere bakp da PKKnn silah brakmak uzere olduunu duunmek mumkun mudur? Bence deildir NitekimCumhurbakan Recep Tayyip Erdoanda benimle ayn gorute gorunuyor.Erdoan, iki maymun oynanyor derken Ocalan ile Demirta arasndaki taban tabana zt acklamalara deiniyor: Tabii carlar guzeldir, ama asl olan daha once de soylediim gibi uygulamadr. Acaba bu uygulama, u secim oncesinde veya secimlerde araziye ne kadar yansyacak? Bundan once Mart secimlerinde maalesef yansmad, Cumhurbakanl secimlerinde yansmad, biliyorsunuz yine ayn ekilde devam etti. Teminim odur ki, bu yaplan acklamalarn arkasnda durulur ve bununla ilgili admlar da atlr. Fakat burada bir eyi daha soylemem lazm, yani burada silah brakmas gereken bolucu teror orgutunun mensuplardr imdi burada adeta bir ikili goruntu soz konusu. Bugun Yalcn Beyle birlikte acklama yapanlarn yapt acklamalar var, Ebakan'n yapt acklama farkl, mralya gidenlerin yapt acklama farkl. Burada iki maymun oynanyor, boyle ey olmaz Her ey eninde sonunda uygulamaya dayaldr. *** Ozetleyecek olur isek, ben okuduklarmdan ve dinlediklerimden PKKnn silahszlanma diye bir gundeminin olmadn anlyorum. Ocalan ve HDP, iddeti manivela gibi kullansalar da tehdit boyutundan uygulamaya fazlaca indirmek istemiyorlar. PKK ve onun alt kollarysa iddetin dozunu zaman zaman arttrarak silahsz mucadele yoluyla silah merulatrmann hesabn yapyorlar.Cumhurbakan Erdoan`n belirttii gibi ortada ikili bir oyun var. http://www.dogruhaber.com.tr/mobil/Haber.php?id=164089#.VPP4JrjYBGo.twitter

Bristol man guilty of suicide bomb plot on shopping centre | UK news | The Guardian

Detectives believe he was about to launch an attack, possibly targeting the centre's busy food court area. Police are heralding the case as a breakthrough as they say it is the first in which the information about a British would-be terrorist planning an atrocity in the UK has come just from a Muslim community. Ibrahim's extremism did not come to the attention of the authorities until members of a mosque he attended grew worried about his behaviour and went to Avon and Somerset police. Ibrahim was today found guilty of making an explosive with intent to danger life or cause serious injury to property in the UK in April last year. He was also convicted of preparing terrorist acts by purchasing material to make an explosive, making that explosive, buying material to detonate the http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/28/business/daily-stock-market-activity.html explosive, carrying out reconnaissance before the act, and "making an improvised suicide vest in which to then detonate an explosive substance". The trial at Winchester crown court heard that when Ibrahim was arrested at his flat in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, the homemade explosive HMTD was found in a biscuit tin in the fridge. Also found in his one-bedroom flat was an electrical circuit capable of detonating the explosive at short range and a suicide vest hanging on the back of his bedroom door. The trial heard that Ibrahim, whose parents are Christian, converted to Islam and changing his name by deed poll from Andrew to Isa. He became radicalised after researching people such as Abu Hamza , and became fascinated by suicide bombing. Ibrahim used the internet to find instructions on how to make explosives from household products such as hydrogen peroxide. He claimed he had no intent to harm but just wanted to set the vest off and film it for video website YouTube . http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2009/jul/17/isa-ibrahim-bristol-bomb-guilty

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