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First, Finnish company Enevo raised an $8 million Series B round for its planned network of trash can sensors, view publisher site which provide data on how full a garbage bin is and allow municipalities to optimize collection routes accordingly. Secondly, India-based Attero disclosed a $15 million Series C addition for its e-waste offering. The latter was noteworthy because weve seen other start-upssimilar toAttero gaining tractionrecently. Shanghai-based Aihuishou raised funding in July for its online e-recycling platform, while German company Teqcycle raised funding from Deutsche Telekom and Barkawi Group in February for mobile device trade-in and reuse solutions. In the U.S., e-waste kiosk maker ecoATM s $350 million acquisition by Coinstar operator Outerwall in July 2013 was likely one catalyst for Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Silver Lakes $105 million fourth-quarter investment in eRecyclingCorps . Whereas electronics recycling has clearly exhibited no http://finance.yahoo.com/news/paragon-micro-hires-mary-kuempel-190000479.html shortage of venture-backed entrants and business models, last weeks bet on Enevo looks to be a rather new and unique case. Were view site... not aware of any other company deploying sensor technology for such an application (we welcome a correction if this is an oversight), and 2014 has thus far seen other such applications of niche high-tech solutions enterthe sector including investments in Pellenc (optical sensors for sorting) and AMCS Group (waste/recycling collection-route data). If youre interested in tracking innovation in the Recycling & Waste sector or any of the other 17 sectors Cleantech Group tracks, subscribe to i3 andget access to start-up profiles and investment trends.Additionally, download our 2Q2014 Innovation Monitor report for the Recycling & Waste sector- for free- to get dive deep into emerging trends and companies were following. This entry was posted in Recycling & Waste . http://www.cleantech.com/q32014-venture-investment-in-recycling-waste-technology-something-old-something-new/

Alternative Proposal to the Global Investment Regime Takes Aim at Excessive Corporate Powers - América Latina en Movimiento

en meer via Real estate | The Guardian To end dramatic shortages, local authorities and non-profit organisations need to take on more housebuildingThe UK housebuilding crisis is now top of the domestic policy agenda. Statistics show a 1m homes shortfall in supply, and initiatives such as Help to Buy have been rolled out in response, but the long-term nature of the issues have been largely ignored. And the longer this denial continues, the worse the problem will become.In the last 20 years, annual housing completions have exceeded 200 http://www.newslocker.com/en-uk/profession/real_estate/foreign-investment-in-mauritius-jumps-real-estate-gets-most-yahoo-finance-uk/

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International Trade Minister Ed Fast announced Friday that the pact, known as FIPA, had been signed by Canada two years after its terms were first negotiated by the two countries. "Investment agreements provide the protection and the confidence Canadian investors need to expand, grow and succeed abroad," Fast said in a news release. "We remain committed to opening new markets around the world for Canadian companies, including in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. This FIPA will create jobs and economic opportunities for Canadians in every region of the country." China is Canada's No. 2 trading partner, and Harper is scheduled to visit Beijing in November for the annual APEC summit. The deal, however, has been met with suspicion and alarm not just by the government's usual critics, but by senior Conservative cabinet ministers too. Employment Minister Jason Kenney, for example, expressed misgivings about forging closer ties with China as recently as this spring. http://www.ctvnews.ca/business/canada-ratifies-investment-deal-with-china-despite-misgivings-1.2004295

Canada ratifies investment deal with China despite misgivings | CTV News

and it was decided that there was a need to develop a document by all of the organizations present...". Ghiotto also notes that "the document is part of a longer-term campaign underway in the Americas and elsewhere.Some of its precedents include the campaign by partner organizations in Mexico, the USA and Canada against NAFTA [2] , the subsequent campaign against the FTAA, and the recent campaign against the ICSID and BITs launched in Asuncion, Paraguay in 2010 during the Social Forum of the Americas." The document drafting process has drawn on a number of proposals developed over the years by civil society organizations, social movements, activists and academics. As Luciana Ghiotto says "we attempted to draft the proposal in the broadest and most democratic way possible ... and it is not meant to be a closed, definitive document, but rather it will continue to be transformed, receiving contributions and new inputs, new perspectives and proposals. We are already receiving responses from organizations that are interested in being part of the process. We know that internationally there are other groups working in the area of investment, so what we want to do is to connect with these organizations and to develop alliances. http://alainet.org/active/77094

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